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What makes this process different?

Here are some of the features that make PGI’s approach very different from a traditional consulting project:

Traditional Consulting Project

Project Scope



  • Addresses the whole company at once
  • Addresses all revenue and cost opportunities at the same time


  • Focuses on some portion of the company
  • Focuses on one specific topic (e.g., a cost issue or a revenue opportunity)

Project Speed


It takes about 100 days to develop the performance improvement actions.


Projects are sequential and never seem to end.

Source of Change


We rely on your own line managers’ suggestions to drive change from within.


External consultants who do not necessarily understand the company’s culture march in with directives.

Project Deliverable


A Performance Improvement Plan consisting of several hundred clearly defined, concrete, and actionable projects.


A “Blue Book” presentation with recommendations that require additional work to turn into concrete projects that middle managers can execute.

Implementation Risk


Implementation is guaranteed. By design, our approach is geared toward implementation. The executive team thoroughly discusses every important idea and its decision automatically triggers the implementation.


Implementation is not guaranteed. The project sponsor may or may not decide to implement the recommendation. Corporate history is replete with recommendations that remained “paperware” because of internal resistance and unanticipated implementation issues.

Financial Impact


20% or more of pre-tax earnings


Limited by scope and project effectiveness

Of the different methods to improve profits, PGI’s approach has the largest and fastest financial impact on a company.


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