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Change from within

THE PGI PROMISEā„¢: A 7-step process

The Idea Development Loop

Our approach consists of three phases

Phase 1: Prepare the Project

  • We help you select the project team and we jointly develop the financial point of departure needed to measure progress.

Phase 2: Develop Opportunities in 100 Days

  • Develop Ideas: Line managers know instinctively where the company's problems lie and where to look for opportunities. PGI works with the different teams to analyze problems, elicit ideas, and perform analyses.
  • Determine Earnings Impact and Risks: We will determine the financial impact of all ideas in a precise and standardized way, and examine all inherent risks, including: operational risk, IT and implementation risk, customer and employee impact risk, legal, etc.
  • Review with Executives: The different groups discuss their ideas with the executive team, which provides feedback and guidance.
  • Build Consensus: Based on the analysis and the feedback received, the teams rework their ideas to reduce the risk until consensus has been reached and the best solution crystallizes.
  • The key activities make up the "Idea Development Loop" and are repeated several times over the 100 days.

Phase 3: Implementation

  • Agreement on Final Performance Improvement Actions: During the last review, the executive team makes the final decision about whether to implement an idea. The resulting Performance Improvement Plan is a list of projects ready for implementation.
  • Implement Plan: Ideas are worth little unless they are implemented. We can guarantee implementation success by charging the managers who helped develop the plan with the responsibility of implementing it.

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