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Stephen M. Hoffman

Managing Director — Promontory Financial Group, an IBM Company

Steve assists clients in addressing challenging issues involving structure, governance, risk management and control, and compliance. His work includes helping financial institutions with regulatory examinations, enforcement actions, expansion and business change initiatives, and new regulations and supervisory policies. As the former senior-most banking supervision operations official at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and Federal Reserve Board of Governors, he brings four decades of regulatory experience to help meet client needs.

In a nearly 40-year career in banking supervision and regulation with the Federal Reserve, Steve gained deep experience in all facets of the system’s supervision responsibilities for U.S. and foreign banking organizations. With the Fed, he led major examinations of banking organizations operations in the United States and worldwide. He also helped design and implement an interagency foreign-banking-organization supervision program, as well as spearhead advancements in the Federal Reserve’s program for supervision of the largest U.S. banking organizations. He also led the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s supervision of 12th District banking organizations throughout the recent financial system crisis. While at the Board of Governors as head of supervision operations, Steve served as a founding member of the Basel Supervision Committee’s B-II Capital Accord Implementation Group.

Steve earned a B.S. in Banking and Finance from La Salle University and a Banking Degree from the BAI School for Bank Administration, University of Wisconsin, Madison.


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