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Create an environment for change

Major change doesn't happen by itself , but we can help you set up an environment to drive it through the PGI approach:

  • No exclusions or special cases (everyone is part of the process)
  • No inquests (executives won't ask: “Why didn't you do this before?”)
  • No targets
  • We ask the unasked questions

Getting the right people on the project team
Middle managers will work side by side with PGI to develop solutions for growing the company and improving performance. The project team will work with managers you select for their drive, ambition, and willingness to challenge the status quo. The CEO and the executive team are highly visible, but spend little time on the project.

Managing time
Our projects are fast (100 days) and run along a strict timeframe. That means no time can be wasted on unnecessary analyses or underdeveloped ideas. The focus is only on what a line manager can change, and all presentations and measurements are in a common format, so there is no dispute over numbers.

Creating accountability and 100% implementation
Projects are implementation-focused from start to finish, with the goal of achieving 100% implementation. This only happens if staff members own their recommendations. We achieve by building consensus; agreeing upon a start point; performing rigorous analytics; using the line manager’s numbers; under-budgeting the impact and devising alternative ways to make up a shortfall; and, of course, by zealously tracking implementation.


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